Roof Trusses & Attic Trusses

The benefits of Roof Trusses

Quicker Installation

Using Trussed Rafters will considerably reduce the installation time compared with traditional construction.

Cost Saving

Quicker installation time also means savings on labour and engineer costs. Calculations are provided by Wilson Roof Truss free of charge. Trussed Rafters also use 40% less timber than traditional construction.

Environmentally Friendly

The use of sustainable renewable timber provides a more environmentally sound method of construction unlike steel and concrete solutions.

Factory Controlled Production

Trussed rafters adhere to strict quality controlled production and design techniques ensuring an accurate and stable product.


Roof trusses remain as the preferred roof construction method for domestic housing and are increasingly favoured for commercial & industrial developments – in part thanks to compatibility with variety of construction methods including timber frame, masonry and steel frame. Strict design and fabrication standards ensure our Mitek trussed rafters are consistently highly engineered. They also benefit from superior flexibility and cost effectiveness over many other methods of roof constructions.


Attic Trusses or Room in the Roof trusses have the added benefit of creating additional living space very economically. As the floor joists and roof rafters are combined into a single frame, attic trusses are erected quickly and eliminate the need for extensive and complex site work. An additional floor on your house or bungalow significantly increases the value of the property.

Our Case Studies

Welcome to Wilson Roof Truss Ltd Case Studies. 

Brooklands Hospital, Marston Green.

Case Studies Brooklands Care Home, Marston Green. 13m Span posi rafters were supplied to Wilmot Dixon for their project at Brooklands Hospital. The long

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Edwalton Care Home

Case Studies Edwalton Care Home, Nottingham. Roof Trusses, Posi Rafters and specialist gable panels were supplied to Edwalton Care home for J. Tomlinson Ltd and

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Large Span Posi Joists

Case Studies Large Span Posi Joists for Timber Frame Manufacturer Previous Next Wilson Roof Truss manufactured 16 inch deep 9m long space joists for a

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